ADI Automatic Twin Tank Sensor Water Softener Systems


The 9100TS Water Treatment System provides a 24/7 flow of conditioned water. The system’s dual sensors measure the conductivity of the resin bed to determine the true softening capacity. This advanced technology ensures the system provided 100% of its treatment capacity before regenerating. The 9100TS pairs superior valve design and the sophisticated Logix™ controller electronics for unrivalled performance and dependability.

Advanced sensor technology constantly adjusts to meet variable feedwater hardness and ensure maximum efficiency with minimum salt consumption.

The 9100TS uses a pair of gold-plated electronic sensors located in the side of the media tanks to monitor water hardness as water flows through the media bed and is progressively softened.  This method provides:

  • Consistent quality – High hardness levels in the treated water are detected by the sensors and operation switched to the second media bed while the first is regenerated. No untreated water will exit the system.
  • High efficiency – the system is able to use 100% of its treatment capacity before regenerating, saving both water and regenerant. The sensors are always operational to guard against changes in the water condition, responding only when the time is right to protect water quality.

Where there are appreciable or variable levels of suspended solids, the 9100TS is paired with an automatic backwash CNX zeolite-based sediment removal system capable of removal of suspended solids greater than 5-microns.  ACF automatic carbon filters may also be used to taste, colour and odours.  UV sanitation systems may also be incorporated to provide protection against microbial contamination.