ROtek Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned, independent specialist in the design, manufacture and support of water treatment systems.

We focus on established membrane technologies and novel sanitation systems to develop efficient, well engineered and low cost purified water solutions for domestic, laboratory, commercial and industrial users.

Our in-house capabilities are complemented through strategic partnerships with related manufacturers and water treatment specialists. Cooperation between all companies provides great flexibility for project planning, design, plant packaging, OEM manufacturing, water resource management and procurement.

ROtek Australia Pty Ltd uses a variety of water purification technologies including:

  • Reverse osmosis, Ultra-filtration and Nano-filtration plants
  • Media filtration, water softening and chemical dosing systems
  • Electro-deionisation as stand-alone or combined with RO.
  • Resin based ion exchange systems
  • UV and corona discharge Ozone sanitation systems

We have multiple well-established partners worldwide and clients in over 30 countries using our services to provide innovative and efficient pure water solutions. Engineering design emphasises low lifecycle cost with high quality standards and responsive service support.