Out of Sight

ROtek undersink and countertop water purification systems offer a simple, reliable means of providing you with clean, good tasting water for drinking and food preparation.

If bench space is limited, an undersink system is the answer. Counter top systems are a modern, stylish alternative installation option where easy access is required.

Either undersink or countertop systems are simple to install with everything you need provided in the start-up kit.

We can provide the best treatment stages with every system to treat your feedwater and give you the best tasting water when and where you want it.

Cartridge changes are straightforward and recommended every 3-6 months to keep your water in the best possible condition.


Enjoy Pure Water

Our body contains around 60% water and just as we are selective about the quality of food we eat, the quality of water we drink is equally important.

Good quality water is essential to our wellbeing.  Typical mains feedwater passes through many treatment and transport stages before reaching your tap.

Along the way this water may be re-contaminated wirh sediment, bacteria and other contaminants that are invisible to the eye.

Tank, dam and ground water sources all have unique contaminants affecting taste, colour and odour that require treatment before use.  Purified water tastes great, looks great and is good for your health.


Smart Investment

ROtek water purification systems offer an excellent return for your investment in a quality water purification system.

All systems and components meet local and international quality standards for a long in-service life.

Maintenance is restricted to periodic filter element changes using our wide range of industry-standard cartridges to cater for most feedwater types.

Our staff will make a recommendation for the best cartridges to suit your water before making your final system selection to make sure that you get a system to best suit your needs.


Easy To Maintain

ROtek water treatment systems are easily installed and simple to maintain.

All systems are supplied with an installation kit including a filter housing spanner to make cartridge changes quick and easy.

Flexible high pressure tubing with simple push-in or compression fittings provide leak-free joints and maximum flexibility with installation.

Filter changes are straightforward using the standard supplied spanner and fresh cartridge elements, no special training or tools are required.