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ACF Automatic Carbon Filters

The Rotek AC automatic backwash carbon filters use high capacity activated carbon media to remove chlorine and chlorine based sanitisers, tastes and odours from feedwaters. Feedwater enters the filter through the control head and is distributed evenly across the media bed via a specially designed diffuser.

Chemical Dosing Pumps – BT-MA Series

The BT MA/AD series are Analogic-type manual solenoid driven dosing pumps with a range of
flow rate and injection pressure capabilities. The BT MA/AD offers a dual range selector for
very precise adjustment below 20% of design flowrates. The simple and intuitive design makes it an ideal pump for use in a wide range of applications.

Chemical Dosing Pumps B3-V and BH3-V

Peristaltic pumps are typically used to pump clean/sterile or aggressive fluids without exposing those fluids to contamination from exposed pump components. Some common applications include pumping aggressive chemicals, high solids slurries and other materials where isolation of the product from the environment, and the environment from the product, are critical.

Chemical Dosing Systems-Etatron DLX series

DLX series chemical dosing pumps offer a wide choice of models to suit most applications.  Models run from a base manual version through to integral pH/ORP/Chlorine dosing systems with options of ON/OFF or proportional control with hysteresis and delay functions. DLX pumps include a HRS (High Rating System) feature providing flexibility for operators to select pressure and flow rates.  An example of this flexibility is with the standard 5lph @ 7Bar pump having flexibility to deliver between 4lph @ 10Bar and 24lph @ 1Bar

Chemical Dosing Systems-Etatron PKX series

Etatron PKX series chemical dosing systems are used where a measured amount of a chemical antiscalant or sanitising agent such as liquid chlorine is required to be added to a feedwater stream. These simple to operate pumps are solenoid driven, simple to use with high quality components and compact dimensions.

Chemical Storage Tanks

The ST series polyethylene storage tanks are used as part of a complete dosing system and provide a stable base for mounting the dosing pump and chemical level sensor in a single, compact unit. Tanks are fitted with a drain valve to simplify periodic cleaning and chemical formulation changes.

DUO2P-4520 High Flow Filtration System

DUO2P-4520 high-flow dual-stage cartridge filtration systems use industry standard 4.5” x 20” injection moulded filter housings mounted on a stainless-steel wall bracket. Systems are supplied configured with filter cartridges to suit specific

eOne Dosing Pumps

The eOne Dosing Pumps are the next generation of chemical dosing, featuring high stroke rates allowing for accurate and repeatable dosing. The models include the manual MA, multifunction MF and the PLUS which includes an integrated pH/Rx/Cl controller.

Filtration Media – Purolite® MB400

Polystyrenic Gel Cation : Anion Mix which is regenerable and has a general purpose application with robust resin bead structure typically used in mixed bed media tanks, laboratory cartridge systems and more.

Filtration Media Systems – ADI Softeners

Water softeners are commonly used to reduce or eliminate dissolved hardness minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron from feedwaters. These minerals cause scaling and/or staining if not removed and inhibit the action of soaps and calcium sensitive detergents.

FRP Media Pressure Vessels

Rotek FRP filter pressure vessels are used to hold filtration media for many different water treatment applications. Commonly used for multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners and scale reduction systems, these tanks come in a variety of sizes and fitting types.

Reverse Osmosis Systems-BWB series

BWB reverse osmosis systems are used for treating most bore water types, for treatment of feedwaters with TDS values up to 10,000ppm, or where a permeate flush feature is required.

RO pressure vessels are FRP high pressure types with high performance membranes and the open frame is electro-polished 304 grade stainless-steel.

Undersink Filter Systems

Rotek undersink water filter systems provide filtered water directly to the point-of-use from most potable drinking water sources. The BRAVO DP systems are provided as a complete kit for easy installation and include a dedicated bench mount tap to dispense filtered water for drinking, cooking, food and drink preparation. A variety of filter cartridges is available to tailor these systems to your particular needs and feedwater quality. All systems feature the unique moulded head design with one, two of three heads moulded together as one-piece.

Cartridge replacement is straightforward and a housing spanner is provided with each system to simplify this. Each system is provided complete with cartridges, outlet tap, feedwater tap connection fitting, flexible tubing and mounting hardware.

Undersink Oasis DP Eco Reverse Osmosis Systems

Rotek domestic scale reverse osmosis systems combine multiple treatment processes to remove contaminants from feedwater supplies to provide clean drinking water for domestic and other small scale use.