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ACF Automatic Carbon Filters

The Rotek AC automatic backwash carbon filters use high capacity activated carbon media to remove chlorine and chlorine based sanitisers, tastes and odours from feedwaters. Feedwater enters the filter through the control head and is distributed evenly across the media bed via a specially designed diffuser.

Deionisation Systems-Resin Type

Exchange deionisation systems provide a simple means of producing low conductivity water either directly from a mains feedwater supply or as polishers for reverse osmosis systems.

DUO2P-4520 High Flow Filtration System

DUO2P-4520 high-flow dual-stage cartridge filtration systems use industry standard 4.5” x 20” injection moulded filter housings mounted on a stainless-steel wall bracket. Systems are supplied configured with filter cartridges to suit specific

eOne Dosing Pumps

The eOne Dosing Pumps are the next generation of chemical dosing, featuring high stroke rates allowing for accurate and repeatable dosing. The models include the manual MA, multifunction MF and the PLUS which includes an integrated pH/Rx/Cl controller.

Filtration Media – Purolite® MB400

Polystyrenic Gel Cation : Anion Mix which is regenerable and has a general purpose application with robust resin bead structure typically used in mixed bed media tanks, laboratory cartridge systems and more.

Filtration Media Systems – ADI Softeners

Water softeners are commonly used to reduce or eliminate dissolved hardness minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron from feedwaters. These minerals cause scaling and/or staining if not removed and inhibit the action of soaps and calcium sensitive detergents.

FRP Media Pressure Vessels

Rotek FRP filter pressure vessels are used to hold filtration media for many different water treatment applications. Commonly used for multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners and scale reduction systems, these tanks come in a variety of sizes and fitting types.

Laboratory cartridge deionisation systems

QDI-DUO cartridge based deionisation systems are ideal for laboratories where there is a need for small volumes of deionised water on-demand. Optional water quality monitors and UV sanitation lamps are also available to suit these systems.

pH and ORP Electrodes Guide

As part of our product range, Rotek now supply 100% Australian designed and manufactured pH, ORP/Redox and Ion Selective sensors to suit most laboratory and industrial applications.

This guide provides an overview of the standard product range, recommendations for use and applications as well as pH sensor bulb specialised glass choices, sensor bulb types, body construction and junction types.  A choice of shielded cable lengths and terminations (including BNC and separate pin).

Custom manufacturing is also available should you have a specialised requirement not covered in the standard range.

Puris EVO-RO & ROP water systems

Puris EVO series of water purification systems include stand-alone reverse osmosis, combination reverse osmosis and ultra-pure polisher, and stand-alone ultra-pure polisher. EVO systems have a simple, innovative design using the best of current technologies and manufacturing processes.

Puris EVO-UP Ultrapure Water Systems

EVO-UP polishers purify pre-treated feedwaters to an ultra-pure standard such as ASTM Type 1, ISO3696, CAP, NCCLS and USPPuris EVO series of water purification systems include stand-alone reverse osmosis, combination reverse osmosis and ultra-pure polisher, and stand-alone ultra-pure polishers.

Puris EXPE-UP ultra-pure polishers

EXPE-UP Ultra Pure Polishers complies with ASTM Type 1 standards including full performance and status monitoring, feedwater quality monitoring, alarm system and innovative dual filter cartridge pack design.

Reverse Osmosis – Pressurised Water Storage Tanks

Pressurised storage tanks extend the
applications for the QRO and similar
types of smaller reverse osmosis
systems to cater for high peak
demands that exceed the production
capacity of the system. Tanks are
available with capacities between 7.6
litres to 326 litres.