Laboratory cartridge deionisation systems


QDI-DUO cartridge based deionisation systems are ideal for laboratories where there is a need for small volumes of deionised water on-demand. Optional water quality monitors and UV sanitation lamps are also available to suit these systems.

Category: SKU: Lab DI systems


ROtek QDI-DUO laboratory grade water purification systems are simple, two or three stage units for direct use or for polishing RO or distilled water to a higher standard. The QRO-DI systems use 10” disposable cartridges for filtration/dechlorination pre-treatment followed by in-line deionisation cartridges and an optional UV sanitation lamp to remove contaminants from feedwater supplies and provide water suitable for general laboratory use. All QDI-DUO systems produce water that has been filtered to 5µm, de-chlorinated and deionised to >0.2 MW-cm-1. The systems operate on-line at a flow rate of 0.5 lpm from a tap water feed (<50-100µS/cm). An optional panel mount or pre-set indicator monitor is also available to check product water quality and show when cartridge exchange is required.

Installation is straightforward using a wall mount backboard, access to a potable tap water supply and a 240V AC power supply if the UV sanitation lamp has been selected. The system operates at mains pressure (10-80psig) and is generally left on-line for immediate use. Fittings can be supplied to suit most plumbing connections and an optional inlet pressure gauge can be installed to monitor feedwater pressure if required.

Dimensions: QDI-DUO: 300x200x500mm (wdh), clearance 300x200x600mm (wdh)

Weight: 8-12kg (fitted with filter elements and water)

Materials: Wall mount bracket-Injection moulded plastic

Filter housings: SAN (clear housing) and polypropylene (opaque housing)

Plumbing connections: ¾” FBSP threaded connection port in filter heads

Power requirements: 240VAC GPO for optional UV sanitation lamp if required