Water quality meets defined standards

We provide a complete service to take most feedwater types and purify them to be “fit-for-purpose”.

In most laboratory environments, applicable standards include ASTM, CAP, BP, USP, NCCLS or similar.

Medical and dental environments require water used with RMD processing to meet AS/NZS4187:2014.


Superior quality

All raw materials used are subject to rigorous testing and inspection prior to use.

Wetted surfaces are inert and micro-polished to prevent microbial colonisation and re-contamination.

Ion-exchange resins are nuclear or semi-conductor grade. Reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration membranes use the latest formulation and manufacturing technologies and our sub-micron capsule final filters provide high flow rates and long service life.


Flexible design

Systems are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

For ultra-pure ASTM Type 1 water in laboratories, we can provide fixed or remote volumetric dispensing with full control of the purification system via the remote dispensing controller.

Systems typically include a pre-treatment stage or stages appropriate to feedwater quality to maximise system service intervals and minimise maintenance.

Post-treatment stages are also available if there is a requirement for a single system to deliver different qualities of water.

As an example, in the same facility there may be some processes which require ASTM Type 2 water while other processes such as trace contaminant instrumentation may require ASTM Type 1 water.

Delivery of purified water can be via a reticulation loop in larger whole-of-building installations with final dedicated ultra-pure polishers installed at points-of-use.

Dead-end distribution systems may also be used with appropriate design care to minimise the risk of contamination and standing water.


Quality, Compliance and Service

We provide IQ and OQ support and documentation for all systems as an option when required.

Ultra-pure laboratory systems and other critical components are manufactured under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and are CE certified.

Most include on-board monitoring for feedwater quality, dispensed water quality, filter operating life, TOC (real-time) and standby/duty status.

Our technicians provide a full installation and commissioning service with documentation and operator training. We provide routine service support on either an as-required or programmed interval basis.