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Filtration Media – DMI-65

Iron and manganese are commonly found in bore waters and will cause staining unless removed.
DMI-65 media is widely used for removing iron and manganese from these contaminated feedwater sources.

Filtration Media Systems – ADI Softeners

Water softeners are commonly used to reduce or eliminate dissolved hardness minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron from feedwaters. These minerals cause scaling and/or staining if not removed and inhibit the action of soaps and calcium sensitive detergents.

FRP Media Pressure Vessels

Rotek FRP filter pressure vessels are used to hold filtration media for many different water treatment applications. Commonly used for multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners and scale reduction systems, these tanks come in a variety of sizes and fitting types.

Ion Exchange Resin-S1567 Water Softener Type

S 1567 water softener ion-exchange resins have been developed to overcome degradation issues that plague conventional water softener resins when treating municipal chlorine-treated feedwaters.  This S 1567 water softener resin is highly chlorine-resistant and provides low pressure-drop and long service life.

Ozone Generators – Electrolytic PFDS

PFDS (Post-Filtration Disinfection System) applies a revolutionary AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) technology that replaces conventional UV process or chemical dosing in post filtrated water and pipeline sanitation treatment.

RO Membrane Pressure Vessels

Rotek membrane pressure vessels are precision engineered by Wave Cyber to provide high performance and flexibility of design for RO, UF and NF membrane systems.

SC3 Evolet TAC Scale Prevention Systems

EVOLET scale control technology is a chemical free alternative to conventional water softeners and is designed to protect plumbing and equipment from hard water scale formation. EVOLET may be used to replace water softeners and polyphosphate type systems where chemical addition or brine stream disposal is not desirable.

SteriSpace 160 Odour Removal & Sanitation Systems

The SteriSpace 160 is an environmentally friendly UVC based ozone generating system used for sanitation and deodorising hotel and meeting rooms, hospitals, aged-care facilities, food preparation areas, cool rooms, and freezers. The systems recirculates  air across a high
output ozone generating source and returning the treated air to the room.